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"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill"

-Christopher Parker

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In this website I wish to share with you different experiences, resources, inspiring reflections, quotes, new ideas, videos, books, courses, seminars, events, etc.

All of these are related to a topic important to all of us: how to be happy, how to have the life we really want, how to communicate better with those we love or work with, how to live a mindful life, etc...

This is a place where I hope you will find inspiration, if not answers. We all thrive to be happier and live well, so, as I pursue that goal in my own life, I wish to share with others what I learn in the process.

I believe that we are all in this life journey together, we are all part of this beautiful universe. The world can only be a better place if we are willing to share and join in, as one, for the well being of all.

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May your journey be happy and healthy!

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Book Review

A New Earth
Excerpt: The premise of this book is that we all have one single inner purpose in our lifetime, and that is: Awakening to our true nature. Once that inner purpose is realized, then we can have many successful outer purposes (what we do and what we achieve during our human life), but none of these outer purposes will be really meaningful nor fulfilling unless we first realize our inner purpose.

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