An Awakening for Human Kind...?

December 21th, 2012

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Today is an important day, as many of you have probably heard, there has been a lot of talk about the Mayan Calendar, the Galactic Alignment, The Transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, The possibility of an Evolutionary Leap, etc.


The truth is, whatever happens these next few days, there is no denying that the human race has been going through great turmoil, due in great extent to the incredible speed at which Science and Technology has evolved and is presenting brand new challenges to our daily lives, and to our collective existence. There is a need for change at a great scale.

I personally believe that the world will end as we know it. The challenges we are dealing with are so great that we are faced with the opportunity of growth as a species, just as a great personal challenge can help us grow, we can also grow collectively.

There is a belief that the galactic alignment that will take place between tonight and tomorrow will involve an energetic shift that will affect our planet and everyone of us. This might be true, or not, but if this is true, the energy shift might indeed be a conduit for a collective leap in evolution, a leap in consciousness, an experience of awakening to a brand new world (or a different world view if you wish). The idea also comes with the belief that we are entering the age of Aquarius.

"If you don’t follow astrology, you may have no idea what the Age of Aquarius is. Basically, each of the twelve different astrological signs has an age associated with it. These ages change over time depending on which of the signs appears during the morning of the spring equinox. Currently, most people agree that we are in the Age of Pisces. The Age of Aquarius 2012 theory states that the new age will start on December 21, 2012 (TODAY), the last day of the Mayan Long Count calendar."

In talking about the Aquarian age, I found a nice piece (at that lists the characters of this age, and it goes in line with what I said above. This list can give us a good guide for those changes needed in the world.


  • Intellect is not enough. We need a new relationship to intuition, emotion, and instinct.

  • Information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. We need wisdom.

  • Learning is not enough. We must learn how to learn.

  • Complexity is increasing as is our need to deal with it.

  • This is an age of paradox – more global and more individual with fewer boundaries and more demand for political separations.

  • Everything is faster and we have less time. We need far more love and unity for we have more fear and tremendous insecurity.

  • We require a reconciliation and integration of the spiritual side of life with the technological and material sides – a spiritual fitness to sense values and meaning.

  • There is no isolation. Each action we take must be considered ecologically and globally because each person does affect, directly or indirectly, vast networks of people and other living beings and places.

  • Change and learning is continuous and life-long. We must maintain mental, emotional, and physical flexibility.

  • Stamina and constant peak performance are the common benchmarks to evaluate all people and their work, and the need is to go inward and regenerate.

So, I leave you this as food for thought, whether you believe in any major event taking place these next few days or not, why don't you start letting a major positive change take place in your own life, for a better you and a better world!

I wish you all my dear readers a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful NEW BEGINNING!

I will take a few days off my writing but will be back next year, in a brand new world (I hope!)

Have a great week!



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