It is not because we can't see it that it isn't there...

February 19th, 2013

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It is not because we can't see it that it isn't there...


The four little princesses you see above, are inside the eye of a needle... this picture was taken with a powerful microscope because we would not be able to see it with the naked eye. The sculptures were made by Micro sculptor Willard Wigan.

In one of his interviews, the artist said two things that got me thinking, one was that, at an early age he realized that there were a lot of things out there that we could not see (that is what inspired him to explore the micro-world;) and the other thing he said was that he was made to feel like a failure in school (by teachers and peers) because he wasn't performing well academically.

His micro-sculpures are invisible to the naked eye, just as his genius was invisible for his teachers and peers rationale.

Not only is he remarkable, but he is also an example of what we are all made of, we are all capable of remarkable things, but we rarely explore the kingdom of possibilities that lives inside ourselves, because we only believe what we were told or what we know through our senses. Only if we allow our minds to open up to the "unseen" can we truly achieve our greatest potential.

Most people believe mainly what they see, taste, feel, hear or smell; or those things that they understand (and if they don't, at least they have been scientifically or statistically "proven.") Our 5 physical senses; although wonderful, they are limited and they can bound us to a material (3 dimensional) world, and make us totally unaware of everything else.

Nowadays, I don't dismiss anything as impossible or untrue, because I feel like there is so much we don't know, that we should give everybody and everything the benefit of the doubt.

Like Socrates said: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" a very humbling statement indeed.

Now, the idea of knowing nothing is not very empowering, so instead of feeling in the dark thinking we know nothing... how about we open up to the realm of all possibilities, seen and unseen which, in contrast, can be incredibly empowering, but it certainly takes a leap of faith.

In order to open our minds and hearts to this realm of possibilities, we need to acknowledge other ways of "knowing", that go beyond our 5 physical senses and our intellect, in fact it is not so much about knowing as it is about experiencing.

Some practices can get us closer to this realm by increasing our intuition and our connection to our true self. They are simple practices, yet sometimes really hard to do because of our conditioning and limiting beliefs, here below are some of them:

Just as Willard wasn't given any credit in school, and was judged by his peers and teachers as a failure (simply because they could not see his genius), it didn't mean he wasn't a genius in his own way. So it is important to practice non judgment of any kind towards others, because every human being deserves our respect and the benefit of the doubt!

When something happens to you, whatever it is, try not to react immediately, if you can take the time to just breathe and empty your mind, you will be able to calmly respond as opposed to blindly react on impulse, and as you do this you will see a great difference in the outcomes.

By this I mean real silence, the one that we can find within, even in the middle of a busy street! We need to stop and quiet our minds from the background noise in order to enter true silence. A good way to do this is through meditation.

Distance oneself from emotions, thoughts and fears
You can certainly have emotions, thoughts and fears, but don't let them rule you, stop identifying yourself with them, you are NOT them. The less attention you give them, the less they can survive, and the less they'll have control over you.

These practices will help you experience a greater realm of possibilities as well as higher intuition capacities, both of which will guide you to live a much more peaceful and joyful life and open up to the inner kingdom that awaits each and everyone of us!!!!

Remember, there is a whole unseen world out there and within, believe it! explore it and enjoy it!!!

"One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye"
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Have a great week!


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