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Fear: The Source of all Negativity

March 13th, 2013

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Last week I talked about fear and how it can affect our everyday life. I mentioned that all negativity comes from fear, and today I wanted to delve a little more into this statement.

Our destiny and the quality of our everyday life is determined mainly by our actions, and our actions are determined by our emotions, and our emotions are determined by our thoughts. Our thoughts can be plagued by fear, (which is true for most people), even if they don't recognize it nor accept it.

If anything, we all share the fear of death, which is an underlying part of our temporal, material reality. We can't avoid this fate, we can't escape it, and its lurking presence creates a constant state of fear in our minds, although we often live as if it wasn't there, we ignore it (as part of our survival sanity.)

Nevertheless, the element of fear is naturally present in all human beings, whether we see it or not.
Lets take a look at how this fear can translate into negativity.


Fear is at the root of three basic emotions: worry, insecurity and anger. We can experience these emotions at different degrees and intensities, and they are constantly feeding and stimulating one another.
As a result, we can experience many negative feelings derived from these three basic emotions, as shown above.

If you ever experience any of these feelings, have no doubt that fear is at the root of each and everyone of them. Knowing this can allow us to become more compassionate towards others and towards ourselves. People can become overwhelmed by negative emotions, and the only way they can let them out is by acting on them, often to the detriment of others and themselves.

Being able to see that all negative emotions/actions stem from fear, deep at the source, can really change the way we see ourselves and the world. The intensity of the grip of fear is different in every individual however, as we all come from different backgrounds, culture, education, experiences, etc. and our capacity to manage negative emotions comes from the combination of all these variables.

It is a fact that the lesser the grip of fear on our life, the better our life experience will be, so we should all work towards lowering its grip. There are many ways to lessen the grip of fear in your life (see my last post), but first you have to acknowledge it is there, accept that it is part of you, in fact it is part of our human existence! and it is OK, it is a humbling feeling to accept it.

As for the fear of death, which is probably the hardest one to fully eliminate, the good news is, by realizing we are not only flesh and bone, we can eventually lose the fear death too. As we become aware that we don't really die but rather move into a different dimension, we can truly be free of fear in this lifetime. Awareness is freedom!

Have a great week!


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