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July 16th, 2013

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I love how random acts of kindness can take you a long way...

dave matthews

Today, somebody shared a link to an article on Facebook, the first line read:

"A woman on her way to see the Dave Matthews Band perform in Hershey, Pa., on Saturday stopped her car to help a stranded bicyclist — and in the process saved the very rock show she was going to see." Read full article

This article reminded me that being nice to people is important and whether or not we get rewarded directly, it doesn't matter. In some cases, like this lady in the article, she was instantly rewarded by her act of kindness in a way she would have never imagined, and that is great!
Maybe some other fan would have been in such a hurry not to miss the concert that they would have totally missed the stranded bicyclist or, would have not even considered stopping to help, but... she did, and just look what happened to her! what a great story!

In any case, being kind just for the sake of it, is a wonderful thing, and not only that, if we are put in a situation where we can be of help to someone else, there is a reason for it and we should never give it a second thought, what could be more important than helping another human being, especially if we are given a chance to do it?

I know that we are often in a hurry or busy or we mistrust strangers... but the truth is, we would like people to be kind to us and our loved ones, so it makes sense to be kind to others, and it can be a very simple act of kindness, maybe just smiling at someone or giving them a hug.

I once crossed a senior lady on the stairs on my way to a dentist appointment (I was running late by the way) and I noticed she was crying, she looked totally lost and I stopped to ask her if she needed help, she started telling me her husband had just passed away and she had to take care of things she never had before, she told me how lonely and sad she felt and how scared she was; it broke my heart, and all I could do was give her a hug and tell her that things would get better; she was very thankful and we both went our separate ways.
I wished I could have done more for her, but maybe she just needed someone to listen to her and I did, so I felt good I took the time to do it.

Sometimes we can do great things for others, sometimes we can only do little things, but whatever we do we have to remember: it is important, it is meaningful and it has a positive effect on people and even a ripple effect. If each and everyone of us took each and every opportunity to be kind to others, the world would be a much better place, so I encourage you to start now! Kindness can multiply if we get it started!

As one of my favorite authors (Deepak Chopra) says: "The most important person in the world is the one you have in front of you" so be kind to the person in front of you, regardless of who they are!

I have another story I really like, about being present and kind to those around you, and how there is a reason people cross our paths. I don't quite remember where I read this story but I never forgot it.

It was about a man who was very driven and wanted to meet and talk to a public figure that he deeply admired and that could help him tremendously on his career. So when he heard this public figure would be giving a speech in his city, he went and even paid a lot of money to attend a cocktail given after the speech.

At the cocktail, he was thinking of all the possible ways he could approach this person (which wasn't easy at all). As he was thinking very hard about it, a middle-age lady started talking to him, she was really nice and trying to make a conversation with him, but he was too busy thinking about ways to meet this guy, so he was actually quite annoyed by the lady and made no effort whatsoever to talk to her or be nice, she insisted a bit, but as he was dismissive and indifferent, she finally gave up.

A little later a man approached him and said: "what a wonderful speaker he is! isn't he? I saw you were talking to his wife, what is she like?"

So, again, you never know who is in front of you, and being kind is always possible, so let's make it a habit to be nice to people, no matter if you know them or not, no matter how they look, no matter what they wear, every human being deserves kindness. And... you never know!

Have a good week!



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