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The little seed of change is in you, to be planted!

December 13th,2014

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Dear readers, after a long holiday break, I am back to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to receive a new and promising year!

The start of a new year is a symbolic opportunity to set new goals and let go of things that don't serve us any more. It is also a good time for positive resolutions and setting goals. So today I would like to reflect on an important goal that is personal but also collective and that I would like to share with you, in the hopes that you will make it your goal too!


One of my good friends posted a beautiful story on Facebook that carries a wonderful message that I want to share today:

"An anthropologist proposed a game to children of an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruits near a tree and had the children race towards the tree, he told them that whoever came first would win the whole basket.
When he gave the signal for them to run, all children held hands and ran together, so they all won the basket and then sat together to enjoy the prize.
When he asked them why they held hands and run together, if one of them could have won all the fruits, they replied: "how can one of us be happy if everyone else is sad?"

There is so much wisdom and humanity in those kids simple words!

Such a story tells me that kindness, cooperation, community, compassion, etc. is innate in our essence, in our human DNA, in our soul. However, if we are born in a society that encourages competition, separation, individuality, etc. it is likely that our upbringing will override our essence and we'll come to believe that the only way to survive is to compete and win over others, fear takes over and makes us forget who we really are and how connected we are to every person on this planet.

I am truly convinced that the future of our planet and our race depends on our capacity to cooperate with one another, to see our commonalities as opposed to our differences, to understand that we are all one and we cannot be successful nor happy if we favor individuality over community.

There was a time, long time ago, when people worked together as a whole, when the system was such that every single person in the community had something to offer, they all belonged and had a specific role to contribute to the functioning of the whole community, regardless of their age and physical strength.

In our modern societies, we have become much more separate and isolated, our circles have become smaller and closed, we went from the large community to the extended family to the nuclear family to the individual, and little by little lost all the support and safety of the larger communities. Now, it is everyone for oneself, more or less,"the survival of the fittest (or the richest)" so to speak, and those that are not lucky to be fit enough or rich enough tend to be left behind. I am of course simplifying the concept a lot, but you probably get the idea!

We can all contribute to a better society if we realize that we have a responsibility towards everybody else, which does not mean we can fix everybody else's life of course! I remember when I was a little girl, growing up in Latin america, I felt so bad for poor people, especially children like me that were working on the streets, I wanted to take all of them home with me... My Dad always told me we could not help every single one of them, and of course we could not.

However, we can definitely BE the change we want to see in the world, we can change the way we see the world and others, here are some simple suggestions to become more connected to those around us:

  1. Stop Competing, there is no race to win!
    We can stop competing with one another, which means stop comparing yourself to others, resenting others for having what you don't, trying to be better than others, etc. We can definitely grow and be better everyday, but that does not need to include competition nor measuring up to others, we can only be a better version of ourselves, that is all we can be and that is the best we can be.

  2. Practice non-judgment and non-reaction
    We are often quick to react and to judge others. When we react we are just following an impulse of our own emotions that are triggered by the way we judge what others do or say; and we judge others based on our own belief system, but in reality we know very little about what others are made of, and they too are acting based on their own belief system, which is unique to each one of us. So try not to judge and not react impulsively to others, just witness them, you have nothing to prove or convince others of. If you want to say something, take a breath first and make sure it comes from a place of non-judgment and loving kindness

  3. Accept, even when you don't understand
    Understanding what others do is not always easy... but we can all accept what others do, even if we don't approve of it, by accepting I mean not-resisting in a way that brings up anger, frustration, sadness, etc. As I said above, we all act according to our belief system and we each have a different one, so there is a chance you will often come across people that act in ways you don't understand nor like, again, you can always state your opinion and your position but from a place of acceptance, kindness and compassion. Nobody is out there to hurt you, people are often confused, lost and carried away by their own feelings, so they do less than desirable things, but that is their path, not yours, the more you accept that, the happier you will be.

Planting our little seed will be the beginning of a new world, as we can touch more people, we can set and example and we can create a ripple effect that in time will change the world, we are THAT powerful, we are! Simple acts can go a long way, and we can all do it if we believe it is worth it! You can be the first!

So I encourage you today, as a new year resolution, to practice more compassion, cooperation, forgiveness, non-reaction and understanding! You can only feel better!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and love to you all!

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